Teaching is My Passion: My Proven 5Ps in Teaching

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28 Jan

Teaching, no doubt  is my passion. Teaching is God’s gift to me as confirmed by my sisters in Christ. When ask to introduce myself, I often say, ““I am a registered social worker by heart but  I am a teacher by choice and God’s calling .”  In my blood flows the love for teaching even though I pursue social work, the love for sharing knowledge and love for learning as well give me an inner satisfaction personally and professionally. So to make it official, I took Teacher’s Certificate Program and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

When I was assigned in the Local Development Office, Center for Governance of the Development Academy of the Philippines, it was a God given opportunity to prove myself that I can be good ( I hope I did, right Rex ) in conducting training programs with the LDO peps (ehem, most of them are from UP I used to joke them im Yuping Yupi). I am proud, I have been part of the DAP family. As they used to say, a dapper is always a dapper. DAP has been the best training ground for me.

When I stopped working to be a homeschool mom, ( in submission to my husband, oh see I am! still at times struggling though) it was an opportunity for me to teach my own children. Its demanding though and I need to exercise more patience and oh boy, the most difficult part is modeling, that is practicing what you teach, walking the talk!  But it was the best part of my being a teacher, being able to teach my own children. Its fulfilling! And it has,  I believe a lifetime impact. I hope when I turn sexy I mean sixty I will have a “Mother’s Lifetime Award” for being the best homeschool mom (because they cant have anyone other than me!)

Since teaching keeps me going, I also volunteered to gather children during summer time to conduct the Vacation Bible School finding my own ways and resources to support them for two years. I rented a venue for the activity to be done successfully. I also spearheaded a church based VBS for two consecutive summer in 2010 and 2011 in Christ Commission Fellowship Naga .

I never stop to volunteer  my teaching skills. With my own training curriculum, I told Ms. Matet, one of the most beautiful women and a valued friend in CCF Naga (Ramaida time) for us to invite women to attend the Seminar-Workshop on Women Visioning Power. After that speaking engagement, I was invited by one of the participants to give a talk in one of the culinary schools in Naga City. From then on, my own participants would refer me to others for more speaking engagements.

 To date, below are some of the  institutions and the places that I had been invited  to share my knowledge and skills in teaching and facilitation :




Career and Educational Probe and Institutional Promotion

Don Servillano Platon Memorial National High school,Tinambac Cam Sur

January 26, 2017

My Digital Self: Who Am I in the Digital World

Camarines Sur Polytechnic College, Nabua Cam Sur

All Sundays of the months of September to December 2017

Seminar Workshop on Purity

Shepherdville College, Tigaon Cam Sur

March 27, 2017

Parenting Style, Motivation and Parents Attitude toward Education of their Children

Goa National Highshool

Goa Cam Sur

December 17, 2016

Seminar-Workshop on WHO am I? (For Adams and Eve),

Shepherdville College

Tigaon Cam Sur

March 4, 2016

Total Human Development, the Real Thing

Shepherdville College

Tigaon Cam Sur

January 12, 2016

Legal Mandates of Policies on Gender and Development

Municipality of Ocampo

March 2015

Sem.Workshop on Behavioral Disorders in Children and Child Bullying,

Volunteers for

Community Empowerment and Services (VOCES)

Tigaon Adventist Elementary School

Oct 4,2014

Commencement Speaker, Day Care Center

Talojongon Day Care Center, Tigaon Cam Sur

March 2014

Senior Career Program

Naga Hope Christian College, Naga City

Oct. 2011

Women’s Visioning Power

Christ Commission Fellowship- Naga City

March 2012

Enhancing Individuality through Continous Proficient Learning and Continous Practice,

Culinary School in Naga

April 19, 2011

By January 30, I will be giving a lecture at the  Partido Mission Academy, the learning Instituion of my young boys to speak about Bullying. I also served as a school board member as parent-educator representative there. I think some students need to think  a hundred times before they can bully my boys. After all, its their mommy teaching about it. That is something funny isn’t it! But its  one of my perks maybe for doing it.  

By May 1, one Christian church in San Felipe Naga contacted me to teach them how to come up with Vision Mission Statement and Faithlife Goals. The person who invited me was once an attendee in one of the my training programs. I am excited about this.  

As I look back, God rightfully placed me in a venue where I can nourish and flourish as educator. Today, I am teaching in Shepherville College in the College Department. As an educator, I would like to share my proven strategy to help others especially the aspiring ones to make it effective in teaching profession through my 5Ps formula.


One adage says, “A lot of kneeling will lead you to a good standing”. Whatever I am into, It has been my practice to pray about it. It gives me an inner peace knowing that I am in accordance to what God wants me to do. I ask for confirmation whether the topic is suitable for the audience and to guide me through His wisdom to prepare the best for my audience. I ask for his protection as I will go to a place that I am not familiar with and meet unfamiliar people too. I ask God to override all my preparations and to say only the things that are pleasing to His ears. I also ask God to prepare the hearts of my audience and that I will be a blessing through the words of encouragement that I will utter. I pray for the venue as well as for the technical preparations of audio and video presentation. I literally bow down to God several times before I do any speaking engagement.


Planning is essential in everything. In teaching, you need to prepare lesson plans. It should have an achievable objectives, suitable strategies and workable methodologies  and all other essential parts of the lesson plan as it serves as the educator’s blueprint to effectively impart the knowledge to his/her students. Planning includes the preparation of all your visual aids, learning materials, powerpoint presentations to ensure that your teaching will be interactive and experiential as much as possible. Planning includes studying the students profile or participants profile for you to prepare a lesson or topic that will be relatable and appropriate to their level of understanding. It is advisable to write all the things that you need to prepare from the pre-implementation, implementation and post-implementation when it comes to training workshops and activities.  I recommend that you double check everything vis a vis your list a day before your presentation to ensure that you do not miss anything or left something unattended or unaccomplished.  A well planned teaching presentation will be reflected in the delivery of your lesson.


Francis Kong once said that for business to thrive the secret is location, location, location. For me, for teaching to be effective, the secret is preparation, preparation, preparation. This is entirely true. Nothing beats a well prepared teacher or tranor. Preparation includes checking everything that you will bring. Preparation even include checking the venue. Never ever go to any battle without preparation. Teaching is a battle of the mind. With the advent of the internet world, a teacher needs to prepare a lot as students can access information in just one click.  The educator must study the topic well and prepare for other related topics that might pop out of it. Mastery of your topic will make it easy for you to deliver it effectively. Your learners will also be appreciative of what you have prepared for them. Prepare for the mental battle as  the changing mindset is hard to accomplish.


Practice makes perfect. Even at this time, I make time to practice by delivering it orally not infront of the mirror but in the laptop. If you are a newbie, a neophyte, spend time to record your presentation in a video. Practice in front of the mirror. Ask someone to watch over you to evaluate your positive points as well as the room for improvements in your teaching style. I suggest put God-confidence in your heart rather than self-confidence. Having God as your partner in teaching will make a big difference as you glorify Him.  Facilitating  is also an art in teaching that you need to master. Art of questioning is another one. As you continue to practice your profession, you will improve your craft and master it in the long run. You can excellently do it as you go on in teaching.  


Passion is what keeps you going.  If it’s a second nature to you then that is your giftedness. That is something that keeps you alive. You get tired but not exhausted in doing it because you find satisfaction in your cause. It’s a passion that keeps you alive and kicking and when your learners are able to fully grasp the lessons or concepts then you are joyful. That is satisfaction! Thus, you find ways to improve your craft. You continue to learn. Learning is a continuous process. You continue to equip yourself. You exert effort to attend seminars and conferences that will help you become a better educator. Love for your learners fuel your passion. All that you are doing is all about love. After all, teaching is the noblest profession. At times, its not monetarily rewarding. I experienced many pro-bono speaking engagements. In today’s economy, it may be a fool’s thinking to serve others without anything in return but God has his ways to bless me in many different and unexpected ways for being able to share knowledge, encourage others with uplifting words, persuading others to make the most of what they can. Let us all remember that Jesus himself is a teacher. In Him we must learn that teaching is giving ourselves unconditionally because we are motivated by the love of Jesus for us. Teaching for me is  not just a profession with full of your passion but it is a vocation, a special calling, a ministry to reach other people and help them develop their full and highest potentials as God’s creation.

Remember, without a teacher, we will never have doctors, engineers, accountants and other professions. 

I am glad I am. 

This is my greatest contribution to humanity. – to be a teacher-trainer!

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