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21 Sep

Heavenly Father ,our Sovereign God

Look at our nation with your merciful eyes, 

Look at your people with compassion and love.  

As we are experiencing so much challenges, darkness, fake news, killing here and  everywhere and so many social ills,  

Let Your Words serve as lamp unto our feet and light unto our path, 

Guide us with your love,  

Give us peace in our hearts, 

Lead us to worship You, praise You, thank You  amidst these trying times  

Help us to rejoice in Your presence not in our circumstance.

Arrest the presence of evil in our society. 

Goodness, truthfulness and light will always prevail. 

Show us Your Ways, Your Truth, and Your Light. 

Because You, Our Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Light.  

Let every heart of ours, call upon You,  

Let every action of ours, humble down before You  

Let every mouth of ours, pray sincerely to You  

Let every works of ours, turn away from wickedness 

Hear us from heaven, 

forgive us of our sinfulness 

Free us from evil.  

Please Father God, heal our land.  

Heal Your people  

Heal our society,  

Heal our motherland!  

Heal the Philippines! 

In JESUS most precious name, we humbly pray. Amen

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